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The windows of New York City separate your indoor space, which can be whatever you want it to be, from the crazy throbbing urban energy on the other side.  There are amazing views and interesting people to watch.  I can see the inside of the post office from my window.  The postal workers wake up early and don’t turn the lights off when they leave.  I wave to them from the fire escape sometimes, but they never seem to notice.


My work environment has a wonderful aesthetic and is full of pleasant people.  I sit at a light wooden desk, across from my fish and my colleague.


However, I can’t wait to get back to Lebanon.  I am particularly excited to see the early morning coffee drinkers and kaak vendors on the Corniche.  You can walk along the Mediterranean, which smells like fish, salt and pollution.  You will see men passing prayer beads through their fingers while strolling along with their hands behind their backs.  You will hear the cheery sounds of people arguing with each other, and the not so cheery cacophony of traffic horns.


I can’t wait to go on motorbike rides and fly along mountain roads, and meander through busy Beirut highways.


There are always plenty of good things about the here and now, and part of it is the anticipation of wonderful experiences on the horizon.