Dear Apples,

When time expands the distance between then and now, remind me not to forget the sweet surprises of these weeks.  Remind me not to forget the last day in Dubai: the warmth of the sun, the blue of the sea from under the soft lapping waves, and its remote expanses around my bobbing floating body drifting further and further out from shore, the soft glowing evening and dinner looking out at the fountains rising and dancing to the ebullient music, the magnitude of Burj Khalifa, the hidden halls of Dubai mall with their stunning tiles and arcs, and the whirling dervish that we happened upon as he spun himself into a spiraling trance, and how it felt like the world went out of its way to perform for us, the long walk to and from the metro, the goat milk ice-cream and mint tea in the old turkish tea house with the quiet fountains and cushioned chairs.  Remind me about how reassuring it felt to be away from home but still have my home in the person alongside me.  And also how very glad I was to land back in Lebanon, and pick up the lovely rhythm of my days again with a far more heightened sense of belonging and gratitude for the routine and simplicity of my place here.

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