Dear Apples,

When you live in a new place, it’s pretty important to learn about it and appreciate it and enjoy it without comparing it to what you’re used to.  Obviously there are challenges to living in a new environment, and one thing that will ruin you is to have a stingy outlook.  If I feel myself getting anal, its best to just shut up and refresh my vision.  It’s easy to fall in love with a place if you give it your attention.  One time you told me that context never hurts.  You were talking about people, and how knowing more about someone and understanding their story is rarely ever a bad thing.  It usually just makes you more open and compassionate.  I think the same is true for places.  I love Lebanon and don’t want to miss out on anything, so I decided I want to start documenting some of the best bits of it here, little by little.

Lebanon is great at:

1) Home cooked meals and good family company. Lots of variation and many ways to prepare many different vegetables, legumes, fruits and meats.  Lots of people to sit around the table and enjoy it with, and usually a heart-warming amount of  intergenerational solidarity.  All these are things I’ve loved about Lebanon since my first visit here.



2. Views.  You can’t go far without running into a sea vista with the mountains jutting up beyond it, or beautiful circuitous roads or an old stone house of set into the roadside.