“I can’t name it. Not to them”


“Because ..what if my own struggle looks appealing somehow?”

“Why would it?”

“I have no idea, but people are strange in their desires and jealousies.”

“And then?”

“And then…they would fall.  And maybe they wouldn’t get up.  And I would watch them spiral.  And the pain would crush me”

“Is that what will really happen?”

“…Well I guess no two people are alike.  I guess I can’t foresee the outcomes.”

“Has your own struggle taught you anything?

“Probably the most important things.”

“And why would that not be true for them too?”

“Because I’ve seen people who can’t get up.  I’ve seen people alone and defeated.”

“Have you though?  Have you seen their ends?”

“Not totally.  I can’t totally.”

“What happens when you yourself spiral?”

“I cry out.”

“And are you heard?”

“Yes.  A thousand times over. And it always catches me off guard.”

“Will they not be heard if they fall?”