IMG_7169 If countries were people and traveling was like making new friends-or enemies-let me tell you about Lebanon the Person.

Lebanon has a big generous open heart and is very curious about other people and loves getting to know them. She will take good care of you and invite you into her circle and show you the best she has to offer and almost suffocate you with her need to make sure that all your needs are met. She will offer you the mountains and the sea and the heat and the snow and tremendous thunderstorms followed by months of sunshine.  She will feed you more than you will ever be able to eat.

She has a wonderful sense of humor, and puts you at ease and even loves to make jokes at her own expense, but with a healthy sense of fondness. She likes to enjoy life.  She knows who she is.  She is very established in her personhood and is not afraid to give her opinion.  She is definitely an extrovert and wears her emotions on her sleeves.  She will talk to you ceaselessly and likes to mix her languages in a tumble of words and sounds and accents.

She is also very proud and a little hot-headed.  She thinks she is right about everything.  She can be quite demanding in some ways, but somehow balances it out with a lenient and open attitude.    She is sort of quixotic in that she values her past but is also impatient to rush into her future, and always feels that she is behind in this way.  She can be quite picky and anal and likes to make processes long and painful.  She loves to argue and have the last word.  But just when you think you’ve had enough of her, her beauty and old wisdom and laughter will win you right back over to the heart of her.