Dear Apples,

The other day I was stirred up about something and remembered a comment from my friend awhile back:

“Sometimes we can tend to get so disjointed by little things that have us unraveled in the moment that we forget about the big picture. It’s like shoving our faces into the page and focusing on one word when there’s a whole book that gives the word its context.”


So I was thinking of things that calm me down and things that make me anxious, and now I’m ready to jump into the calm next time I’m rattled.  I am calmed by:

-Taking a walk or run every day

-The smell of a burning candle

-Reading poetry or good writing

-Imagining myself on a raft in the ocean before I sleep

-Hearing someone read out loud


-The smell of Isla’s breath

-Crossword puzzles

-Music that I loved in high school


-Watching fish swim (hypnotic!)

-Anticipating new adventures

-Being with you, Apples!


I am flustered by:

-The thought of driving all around Beirut (probably because our car is new…I drove around Nairobi on the left side of the road in a dilapidated car without a problem)

-Imaginary hypothetical future scenarios


-The thought of missing watching my siblings grow up

-Parts in books or movies where there is an unjust accusation or misunderstanding


What about you?