Dear Apples,

I’m late to the game, but after yesterday’s post I came across the viral Quarter Life Poetry videos and thought they were pretty hilarious.  I loved this one about mom talk and this one on mortality.

The term “Quarter Life Crisis” is pretty new.  Were there no such crises in the past, or did people just not have a name for the itches they felt to experience more in their work and life or flip their career paths upside-down and start over?  I think it’s a new phenomenon. Now it seems we have more autonomy to steer our paths in the way we choose, whereas in the past it was far more common to settle into the one career or job that you’d have for the rest of your life.  This ability to determine or change your own route is a privilege, but something that probably makes room for a lot more angst about finding the right fit.

In the future do you think we’ll have Quinary Life Crises…or Octonary Life Crises?  Or will we just get sick of being in crisis mode and decide to take the advice my mom gave me one time:

“Marie don’t think, just live.”